Becoming a Resident

Our caring staff understands the difficult transition in life. Our job is to make those transitions as smooth and as stress free as possible. Prior to moving in, we will meet with each resident to determine the move-in date and any special needs the resident may have. Below are some suggestions to help make the move easier. Our dedicated staff will assist the resident through the steps and anything else to make sure that he/she is safely moved in.

  1. Remember to bring those important and necessary, personal items such as toothbrush/tooth paste, favorite bathrobe, towels, washcloth, and other toiletries.
  2. Decorations and personal belongings to furnish the new home.
  3. Call the phone company to set up service (Centurylink 763-971-7000). Please call at leas t a week or so in advance to make sure the phone is turned on by the move-in date.
  4. Residents can get the forms to change their mailing address online: